Maths Graduate Award

Maths Graduate Award

This part of the website contains the syllabus for the Swinemoor Primary School Maths Graduate Award.

You will need to study all the information presented here.

Staff will help you develop the study skills you need in order to memorise, retain and recall this information.

Once you are confident you can recall this syllabus tell your teacher and they will give you your undergraduate test.

Once you have passed you will receive a badge and be known as an SPS Maths Graduate!

Maths Graduate Award

Explore our Platonic Solids  –

A Platonic Solid is a 3D shape where:

  • Each face is the same regular polygon.
  • The same number of polygons meet at each vertex.
  • There are only five platonic solids.

Example Questions

  • How many triangles meet at each vertices in a tetrahedron?

  • Which shape has 12 faces and 30 edges?

  • How many platonic solids are there?

  • How many faces does a cube have?

  • How many edges does an icosahedron have?

  • Which platonic shape has the most vertices?

  • What shape forms each face of the octahedron?

  • How many edges does a tetrahedron have?

  • What shape forms each face of the cube?

  • How many faces does an Icosahedron have?