Annual Governance Statement:

Annual Governance Statement by the Governing Body of Swinemoor Primary School.

This board hold the Instrument of Government for Swinemoor Primary School. The School is a maintained school.

The 4 core strategic functions of the Governing Body are:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos, values and strategic direction;

  • Holding the Head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;

  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent;

  • Ensuring the School complies with statutory obligations.

The constitution of the governing body is:

1 head teacher governor,
1 staff governors,
2 parent governors,
1 local authority
and up to 6 co-opted governors.

The Full Governing Body meets at least twice each term, we also have 2 committees to consider different aspects of the school in detail. These committees are: General Purposes Committee and Pay and Performance Committee.

Examples of  work completed by the board and its committees this academic year include:

  • Consideration of the constitution of the Governing body

  • School budget monitoring

  • Pupil premium / sports fund monitoring

  • Policies updated and monitored

  • Disability Access Plan Summary written

  • Staff allocation monitoring

  • New curriculum decided and assessments modified to ensure pupils develop their skills well

  • Data analysed so that pupils make good progress from their starting points

  • Attendance monitored and tracked

  • Interview each member of the teaching staff twice a year regarding curriculum development and class progress against appraisal expectations

The Board also receives an array of reports annually and termly. The boards work includes passing resolutions based on analysis of reports presented to the board. These reports include: the Headteacher’s Report, Attendance Analysis report, Behaviour Log and Analysis, Accident Book Report and Analysis, Website Analytics Report. The Board can collectively request a report at any time and on any aspect of the School’s work.

Governors Body development plan 2019/20


1.1 To ensure the current statistically high performance is maintained in relation to national, FFT5 and Improvement Partner targets.

1.2 To secure achievement within the year commensurate with pay-scale expectations (see Appraisal Objectives Menu) and new ‘flight path’ assessment system where end of EYFS ARE may equal 65%, end of Y2 may equal 72%, end of Y4 may equal 78% and end of Y6 may equal 82%  In addition: to ensure cohort attainment profiles between contrasting groups are less at the end of the academic year than at the beginning in the majority of cases.

1.3 To raise standards in mathematics in relation to: national, FFT5 and Improvement Partner Standards through continued development of this subject, focusing this academic year on embedding skills and promoting breadth and depth via the teaching of Maths No Problem. See Mathematics Development Plan.


Subject leaders to consolidate digital resources in all subjects.

2.1 Subject leaders will showcase learning in their subject by creating digital resources (eg study guides, celebratory films or photographs) for the school website.

2.2 Language Development

To improve children’s acquisition and knowledge of language resulting in improved standards in reading, writing, speaking and listening, by introducing a Word of the Week and associated tasks.


3.1 Building sustainability for further curriculum enhancement.

Having adopted the Basecamp scheduling system last academic year, staff will continue to organise the year’s provision and intended learning outcomes in their area of responsibility by scheduling learning activities, projects and procurement digitally.

3.2 To encourage a love of learning for their subject by continuing to promote a whole school project that encourages learning beyond the classroom, scaffolding open-ended learning opportunities.

3.3 To continue to use curated space for their subject to raise aspirations and anticipation by continuing to develop the Graduate Award Programme based on resourcing and securing a baseline of general knowledge which can be tested at any point. Subject leaders should also encourage graduates to research and write a dissertation on an associated topic that interests them. Staff should act as tutors/mentors throughout the process.