Annual Governance Statement:

Annual Governance Statement by the Governing Body of Swinemoor Primary School.

This board hold the Instrument of Government for Swinemoor Primary School. The School is a maintained school.

The 4 core strategic functions of the Governing Body are:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos, values and strategic direction;

  • Holding the Head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;

  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent;

  • Ensuring the School complies with statutory obligations.

The constitution of the governing body is:

1 head teacher governor,
1 staff governors,
2 parent governors,
1 local authority
and up to 5 co-opted governors.

The Full Governing Body meets at least twice each term, we also have 2 committees to consider different aspects of the school in detail. These committees are: General Purposes Committee and Pay and Performance Committee.

Examples of  work completed by the board and its committees this academic year include:

  • Consideration of the constitution of the Governing body

  • School budget monitoring

  • Pupil premium / sports fund monitoring

  • Policies updated and monitored

  • Disability Access Plan Summary written

  • Staff allocation monitoring

  • New curriculum decided and assessments modified to ensure pupils develop their skills well

  • Data analysed so that pupils make good progress from their starting points

  • Attendance monitored and tracked

  • Interview each member of the teaching staff twice a year regarding curriculum development and class progress against appraisal expectations

The Board also receives an array of reports annually and termly. The boards work includes passing resolutions based on analysis of reports presented to the board. These reports include: the Headteacher’s Report, Attendance Analysis report, Behaviour Log and Analysis, Accident Book Report and Analysis, Website Analytics Report. The Board can collectively request a report at any time and on any aspect of the School’s work.

Governors Body development plan 2017-2018

Target 1

  • To ensure the current statistically high performance is maintained in relation to national and FFT5 parameters. As stated in Appraisal Objectives Menu. Focus GLD at EYFS & L2B+ at KS1 equivalent.

Target 2

  • Subject Leader Development and Publishing of the School’s New Curriculum.
  • Long-Term Plan – Curriculum Map. To include non-negotiables, skills, competencies and expectations, ensuring progression and differentiation across the school in your subject. This may be evidenced by breadth, complexity or application. This will be organized by key stage and include Cycle 1 & 2 over two academic years, developing the School’s existing practice.
  • Curriculum Guide for Parents. Organized by year group and reflecting the above for parents and lay-people alike. To include: Introduction, Topic Overviews and Themes, Reading POS and Age Related Expectations Summary, Writing POS and Age Related Expectations Summary, Mathematics POS and Age Related Expectations Summary and Science POS and Age Related Expectations Summary.
  • Curriculum Termly Overview. Written by year group teams reflecting the content of the above, developing the School’s existing practice.
  • Subject leaders to begin a digital resource in all subjects initially for targeted year groups where examples of child outcomes showcase three attainment phases: some progress (below ARE), expected progress (at ARE) and exceeded expectations (above ARE/mastery).

Target 3

  • Subject Leader Development and Curating of the School’s New Curriculum.
  • To develop the subject leader as curator of resources and outcomes in their subject.
  • To use curated resources and outcomes in their subject to showcase the curriculum’s breadth and depth in school.
  • To use curated space for their subject to raise aspirations and anticipation.