Our School Governors

Governors normally meet once a term to receive reports from the Headteacher on the life and work of the school. Members of staff also report to Governors at the termly meetings, and this usually takes the form of an in-depth look at some aspect of the whole curriculum. Termly meetings are held at the school and are now open to the public.

This of course means that parents can attend as observers, although governors retain the right to take certain agenda items as confidential.

The Governing Body has formed several Committees, which focus on particular aspects of the Governors’ responsibilities e.g. Finance, Curriculum, Staffing and Premises.

With the wider powers given them by recent legislation Governors have a very significant role to play in ensuring that, along with the Headteacher and colleagues, they move the school forward in a coherent, cohesive way.

Governors are appointed to help:

  • Decide what is taught;
  • Set standards of behaviour;
  • Interview and select staff;
  • Decide how the school budget is spent.

Further information:

Swinemoor Primary School Governors

Governors:ResponsibilitiesCategoryAppointing BodyTermCommitteesAttendance
Jane SimpsonChair
Child Protection and Safeguarding
Children Looked After (CLA)
Pupil Premium
Co-optedGeneral purposes4 years from 16/03/14 General purposes Personnel & Pay100%
Linda WilsonScienceCo-opted - electGeneral purposes4 yearsGeneral purposes N/A
David CumminsEnglishCo-optedGeneral purposes4 years from 05/10/16 General purposes100%
Sue BleazardMaths
Co-optedGeneral purposes4 years from 09/09/215 General purposes67%
Leon MyersHeadteacherVoting headteacherGoverning bodyDuration of tenureGeneral purposes 100%
Jane SharpAssessmentStaffStaff electorate4 years from 21/10/14 General purposes100%
Abigail RodgersAssociateGoverning body4 years from 21/10/14 General purposes100%
Peter DavidsonHealth & Safety
Educational Visits
Co-optedGeneral purposes4 years from 12/04/71General purposes100%
Claire WhiteEYFS
Local AuthorityLocal Authority4 years from 16/03/14 General purposes67%
Eve BreslinFoundation SubjectsParentGoverning Body4 yearsGeneral Purposes100%
Kerry MillingtonFoundation Subjects Parent - electParent electorate4 yearsGeneral purposes N/A

School Governors Interests

Governors:Relevant business interestsOther education establishments governedRelationships with other governors or staff
Jane SimpsonNoneNoneSister in-law to Mrs Burton
David CumminsNoneNoneNone
Sue BleazardNoneNoneNone
Leon MyersNoneWold Primary AacdemyNone
Jane SharpNoneNoneNone
Abigail RodgersNoneNoneNone
Peter DavidsonNoneNoneNone
Claire WhiteNoneNoneNone
Eve BreslinNoneNoneNone

Governors whose terms of office ended or who resigned in the last 12 months

Name RoleTypeTerm
Zoe BucknallScienceParent governorEnded Sept 2018
Julia MarinVice ChairCo-optedEnded Sept 2018

The Governors Curriculum Statement

The Education Reform Act 1988 requires by law that schools provide pupils with a curriculum that:

  • Is balanced, broadly based, relevant and differentiated;
  • promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of children;
  • Prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

These are central to the beliefs of the Governors of the school.

At this school, the Governors aim to provide a curriculum appropriate to the needs of all of its pupils.

On entering the full-time education and throughout their time in school, children will follow the programmes of study that ensure that all subjects of the National Curriculum are covered.

In addition to National Curriculum subjects Religious Education is also taught.

It is the Governors’ aim that all children achieve their potential in every aspect of school life in an atmosphere of partnership and support.