At Swinemoor Primary School we have a strong emphasis on developing the arts within the curriculum.

We aim to place creativity at the centre of learning and development.

We see creativity as a key factor in preparing young people to face the future with imagination, innovation and life skills.

Our continued drive to develop a creative curriculum has underpinned improvements across the school, particularly in literacy.

Creativity is certainly not unique to the arts. It can be seen and identified in all aspects of the arts, humanities, sciences, maths and technology.

Placing learning in a creative context has been shown to dramatically increase the level of engagement within the classroom.

Creative learning develops the capacities to:

  • Formulate and ask questions

  • Make connections between different ideas

  • Envisage and imagine possibilities

  • Explore and experiment with ideas

  • Reflect on our actions and solutions

  • Work through challenges to create and design products or solutions

  • Wrestle with the challenge of uncertainty

Furthermore, pupils develop their self-confidence in the very well-attended music groups and particularly as members of our excellent school choir.

A dedicated art room and gallery, along with teachers’ very secure subject-knowledge have ensured that art work is of exceptional quality.

Topics are brought to life through transforming areas of the school.