Meadow School

About Meadow School

Meadow School is an idea that children and staff have been working hard at Swinemoor Primary School to develop.

This year we have achieved success with a beautiful and diverse meadow growing and flowering within the school grounds.

Currently we are developing a range of artistic and science based curriculum activities and resources.

Ranging from a poetry workshops with renowned children’s author  to scientific studies exploring the flora and fauna, the number of different species of bumble bee has been amazing.

This area of the school website will grow to reflect our ongoing curriculum development using the meadow as a special school site of scientific interest.

Other schools are more than welcome to  contact us with a view to collaborate in developing their own Meadow School.

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Meadow Poetry by Year 3/4

Misty flowers in the mist
Eggs are beginning to hatch
Autumn is beginning to come sooner
Dandelions are starting to faint
Open fields are starting to get dark and damp
Wind is blowing in our face


Moist crumbly soil is laid down
Exciting colourful flowers will start to bloom
Autumn leaves fall down to the ground
Dainty daisies are starting to grow
Owls are starting to hunt for food
Watery raindrops fall from the sky


Mysterious plants talking to each other
Early roots bite the soil
Ants eat pollen from the shiny little hole
Dirty little woodlice hide away
Oval petals munch away
Worms dig burrows away


Magnificent meadows
Exquisite elm trees
Adoring ants
Dandy daisies
Oozing oak trees
Wonderful willows


Meddling little poppies are dazzling in the sun
Eggs are getting laid by birds from the sky
At the meadow, bees are collecting pollen
Dandies are growing right up to the sky
Oranges are grown on the trees high
Worms are collecting brown soil!


Magnificent meadows
Exciting insects
Addicting colours
Dazzling daisies
Outstanding leaves
Wet raindrops!


Motional flowers moving into the sun
East breezes making flowers drift away
As the colourful colours shine at the sun
Drowningfull rain feeding the roots
Observing the flowers grow peacefully
Whether the weather will make them grow.


Misty flowers in the morning
Everything in the meadow every day
Alone at noon sometimes I see needful poppies
Doing nothing all the time just sitting there
Only I watch the poppies in the garden
With them poppies having nothing to do all the time 


Marvellous meadows
Excellent emerald leaves
Amazing ants
Dainty dandelions
Outstanding daisy
Wonderful worms


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