Swinemoor Primary School Governor Biographies

Jane Simpson
Mrs Simpson works for East Riding Council. She has 3 children, all of whom have attended Swinemoor Primary School. Mrs Simpson also attended the school herself and enjoys returning regularly to watch many of the events we put on here, especially the singing and the shows!

David Cummins
Mr Cummins is a retired businessman He is a regular visitor to the school and volunteers to listen to readers in Key Stage 2. Mr Cummins is also a member of the Beverley Rotary Club.

Sue Bleazard
Mrs Bleazard is a retired teacher who taught for many years at Swinemoor Primary School. She is still a regular visitor to the school and enjoys helping out, particularly with costumes and textiles for our many shows and projects.

Claire White
Mrs White is Head Teacher of the Hornsea Nursery School. She lives in Beverley and has 2 children attending Swinemoor Primary School. Mrs White is a regular supporter of the school and enjoys attending the many shows and competitions that her children and other pupils are involved in.

Leon Myers
Mr Myers works as Head Teacher at the school. He leads on Art across the whole school and particularly enjoys motivating the children to compete believing they have every chance of success.

Mrs Sharp
Mrs Sharp is Deputy Head Teacher at the school and also works in Year 5/6. She loves singing and performing and works with our many school choirs to ensure they deliver a polished performance for every show!

Miss Rodgers
Miss Rodgers is Assistant Head Teacher at the school. She works in the Foundation Stage class and enjoys seeing the children develop and learn new skills as they engage in new friendships and interests.