Music – Improvising

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Music – Improvising – Primary Curriculum

Improvising – Foundation stage:

Understand how to investigate producing and organising sound using our own rules.

Improvising – Year 1:

Understand how different instruments sound when we make up musical passages that they play together.

 – Year 2:

Understand the effect of combining instruments and use rules to make up our own music.

– Year 3:

Understand how to use structured note and simple note lengths whilst improvising.

– Year 4:

Understand how to use structured notes, and note lengths to semi-quavers, whilst improvising.

– Year 5:

Understand  the basic formula of an improvisation and change notes and the right time

Improvising – Year 6:

Understand the formula of an improvisation, change notes at the right time whilst playing with attention to instrumental timbres, techniques and structural texture.

Improvising – Mastery:

Understand the formula of an improvisation.  Change notes at the right time in accordance with the chord changes.  Play with equal attention to the instrumental timbre, technique and structural texture.

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