A group of Swinemoor pupils this week organised a visit to meet with their local MP Graham Stuart at The Houses of Parliament in London.

We know that the formation of child led projects and visits concerning democracy will sow the seeds for a more sophisticated understanding and participation in the future.

What our pupils thought…

“The House of Commons has green seats and The House of Lords has red seats, this is because the red is a royal colour.

We stood next to the despatch box in The House of Commons which the Prime Minister leans on during Prime Minister’s questions.

We visited The Great Hall where Henry VIII played tennis. In The House of Lords the Yorkshire and Lancashire roses are mixed together and displayed on the ceiling.”

– Grace

“In my taxi we saw a street called Bucknall Street which is my last name. The Great Hall has lots of history associated with it including Henry VIII playing tennis there.

Most people know the UK saints, St Andrew, St Patrick, St George & St David, but if you don’t, just take a look at some of the doorways because there is a doorway that has every saint on it.”

– Rhys

“On the 23rd November we visited London and saw the London Eye, Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament and lots of interesting statues.

When we arrived at The Houses of Parliament we were met by Graham Stuarts assistants Sam & Simon. They gave us a very informative tour of Parliament and explained some of the history.”

– Katie

“This week we visited London and The Houses of Parliament. It was very old fashioned and historic. We were given a tour inside the House of Commons and The House of Lords. In The House of Commons, we were not allowed to sit of the green seats as these were reserved for MP’s. We then visited The House of Lords were the Queen sits on her golden throne once a year to open Parliament.”

– Keira

“Mrs Sharp came to pick me up from home at 7:30am and we then drove to Brough. We boarded the train and travelled to London. When we arrived in London, we took 2 black taxis from Kings Cross Station to The Houses of Parliament.

The Houses of Parliament were very impressive and we were given a tour by Graham Stuarts assistants. There were many historic portraits of famous and royal figures. The ceilings were also amazing to look up at.

After lunch we met with our MP – Graham Stuart to present to him a hand drawn portrait. We met him in a committee room that overlooked the River Thames.”

– Daniel

“In London we saw Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, The London Eye and many interesting statues. We were also given a tour of Parliament which included both the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

The House of Lords was my favourite place we visited as this has the Queens golden throne inside.”

– Lucy