Maths – Shape

Subject Key Objective Progression & Development by Year Groups

The following is a guide to help you understand your child’s progression through school.

All lessons are differentiated. This means teachers plan activities that enable the objective to be learned by all children including those who will find the objective challenging, those children who with hard work will secure good progress and those children who can tackle extra stretch and challenge in this subject.

Maths – Shape – Primary Curriculum

Maths Shape – Foundation stage:

Plays with shapes or makes arrangements with objects.

Maths Shape – Year 1:
Recognises and names common 2D shapes and common 3D shapes.





Maths Shape – 
Year 2:

Identifies and describes some properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

Maths Shape- 
Year 3:

Draws 2D shapes; makes 3D shapes using modelling materials.


2D and 3D Shapes



Maths Shape – 
Year 4:

Compares and groups/sorts shapes according to their properties.

Maths Shape – 
Year 5:

Uses the nets of shapes to work out their 3D form.

Acute Angle

Obtuse Angle



Maths Shape – 
Year 6:

Draws 2D shapes using given measurements; recognises, describes and builds 3D shapes.

Maths Shape – Mastery:

Calculates areas of 2D shapes; calculates, estimates and compares volumes of shapes.

Angles on Straight Line




This collection of short films and resources will help you understand your child’s progression through school.

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