Modern Foreign Languages – French

Subject Key Objective Progression & Development by Year Groups

The following is a guide to help you understand your child’s progression through school.

All lessons are differentiated. This means teachers plan activities that enable the objective to be learned by all children including those who will find the objective challenging, those children who with hard work will secure good progress and those children who can tackle extra stretch and challenge in this subject.

Modern Foreign Languages – French Speaking

Year 3

Pupils can communicate with others using simple words, phrases and short sentences.

Year 4

Pupils can communicate by asking and answering a wider range of questions.





Year 5

Pupils can join in a short conversation.

Year 6

Pupils can converse briefly without prompts.

Gros et Gras

Une belle feuille verte

Un superbe Papillon


This collection of short films and resources will help you understand your child’s progression through school.

The curriculum film resource has been broken down by subject area initially and then by topic area.