Swinemoor’s Got Talent

Our annual Swinemoor’s Got Talent Competition always takes place on the last day of the first half term of spring.

The competition is open to children from Key Stage 2, and is designed to showcase talents that have been encouraged mainly at home.

It may be that the children attend dance classes out of school; learn to play an instrument in their own time; or even just enjoy singing in the shower!

This special event gives these children the opportunity to bring their talents into school and present them to the rest of their fellow pupils.

Judges award first, second and first places, and these children take their winning performances to our End Of Year Key Stage 2 Review, where they perform in front of a much bigger audience comprising mums, dad, grandparents and so on.

Competition is fierce, and the desire to win is palpable! Every one of our School Aims is referenced through this competition alone.

Swinemoor’s Got Talent 2020

Swinemoor’s Got Talent 2019

Swinemoor’s Got Talent