Music – Singing & Playing

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Music – Singing & Playing – Primary Curriculum

Singing & Playing – Foundation stage:

Sing broadly in tune within a limited pitch range.

Singing & Playing – Year 1:

Sing in tune within a limited pitch range, and perform with a good sense of pulse.





Singing & Playing – Year 2:

Begin to recognise and musically demonstrate awareness of a link between shape and pitch using graphic notations.  Perform using dynamics.

Singing & Playing – Year 3:

Sing and play confidently within an appropriate vocal range with clear diction, mostly accurate tuning and appropriate tone.





Singing & Playing – Year 4:

Sing and play confidently and fluently, maintaining an appropriate pulse within an appropriate vocal range using good technique.

Singing & Playing – Year 5:

Experiment with voice and instruments in creative ways, to explore musical techniques and understand structure.





Singing & Playing – Year 6:

Experiment with voice, sounds, technology and instruments in creative ways and to explore new techniques.

Singing & Playing – Mastery:

Demonstrate confidence, expression, skill and level of musicality through performance and understanding written western classical staff notation.

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