We have all been working on an exciting Design and Technology Competition this term. In Foundation Stage the children made Humpty Dumpty Walls; the children of KS1 made house-boats, windmills, blocks of flats, castles and thatched cottages; in Year 3/4 the pupils made chairs of various designs; and in Year 5/6 the children made fairground rides. A variety of materials were used, including card, straw, paper, glue, paint, foam boards, tech boards and dowel rods. Everyone had a good time and made some fantastic models. The competition was judged on November 16th by Mr Wilson from Hull University and by a representative of Linden Homes, a building company.

In Foundation, Oliver won with his Humpty and Wall.
In Year 1, first prize went to Holly for her house and Joshua for his block of flats complete with satellite dish.
In Year 2, first prize went to Ben, Cole and Callum for their lighthouse.
The winners from Year 3/4 were Callum, Jack, Sienna and Katie.
The winners from Year 5/6 were Liam, Kiefer, Jamie-Leigh and Molly for their Ferris Wheel. Kelly and Victoria also won with their Carousel.
We all really enjoyed doing this competition.

By Natalie and Nicole